Three New 12×16 Colorful Abstract Paintings

"Slim Pickings" - 12x16 on canvas
“Slim Pickings” – 12×16 on canvas
"Pixie" and "High Born" both 12x16 on canvas
“Pixie” and “High Born” both 12×16 on canvas


Hello. Here’s some cute little abstracts I’ve made recently. I have them listed for sale in my newly launched Etsy shop.

I’m about to head out and grab a fresh canvas for a recent commission. A lady contacted me and would like me to paint her friend’s dog as a birthday present. So there you have it, an abstract artist, about to do her very first pet portrait commission. It should be fun though, simply because she wants it in the same style as my cute camels.


Official Website Launch! + Small Reflections (I get a little mushy in this one)





The time has come, and I am so thrilled. It’s been many long weeks of preparing, discovering, and a little designing to bring you my official website. I’m pleased to announce it will feature my art blog, a live shop, and newsletter subscription to ensure collectors and fans will have¬†first-class access to my journey.

A few days ago, I decided to take a chance: I shared my art in local groups and communities and the response was overwhelming. 

I sold a few paintings. I made new friends. And I learned a very important lesson, perhaps the greatest one an artist should learn in this age:

Never underestimate the people around you. Believe in them. And they just may turn around and believe in you.

I never thought people here in Abu Dhabi would be interested in my bright, colorful abstract paintings, or my hijab figures, and funky palm trees. But it turns out, they are!

And as if all of you’re support and encouragement wasn’t enough, I am honored to announce, I will be having my very first solo art show in the charming home of an expat here in Abu Dhabi. A show that was not my idea, but the idea of a new friend who believes in the magic of art.


I’m off to go giveaway some of all this positive energy I’ve been receiving, and it will start by me first giving away some of my art! Posting contests on my Facebook page.

With joy,
Amira Rahim