30 in 30: Day 14 Figurative Abstract Painting

"Sisters" 12x24" acrylic on canvas, Available
“Sisters” 12×24″ acrylic on canvas,¬†SOLD

Back with more paintings for the day. I started this piece a few days ago. I knew I would be making a companion to it as I’m trying to develop my work more in series. These were painted completely intuitively. I mixed the colors on the canvas most of the time, and really wanted to explore a more muted, toned down color palette. This is one of the pair and features three women wearing a veil. It can be interpreted as a painting of Muslim women wearing the “abaya” or religious garb, but it not necessarily.

I knew that I wanted to incorporate figures in my abstract work for some time now. I have to say, it is difficult but also fun. Being in the Emirates has definitely influenced me as an artist, and seeing so many women wearing the abaya has inspired me to capture their graceful, yet mysterious presence.



Abaya Swag?

Often times when you tell people you’re going to Abu Dhabi they respond with amusement but also assume that they would have to cover up, wear a black robe, or at least cover their hair.

The reality, however, is quite the contrary. There are more foreigners here than local Emirates. And there are more Indians here than probably any other ethnic group- just call it Abu Delhi.

With such a diverse population and a haven for European and American sun-worshipping expats, imposed hijab and Islamic attire requirements are unreasonable–if not out right impossible–with this heat.

Today, I threw on my abaya and black scarf out of sheer convenience. Even in 100 degree heat, it is still more comfortable than many other clothing options, and I plan to wear it for most of this month. TQ doubts that I’ll wear an abaya for weeks straight. He knows how much I love colors, jeans, dresses, fashion in general. But the abaya has its benefits. While he takes 5 minutes tops to get dress, I can now take about 15 minutes instead of 55. It’s certainly nice to pray in when I’m out and about because it’s long enough to cover my toes, and it covers everyyyyything!

Wearing abaya, or a black robe to most people, may seem drab, restricting, if not outright oppressive. But that’s the thing about Abu Dhabi. You can never assume anything. Women here don their all-black garments, yes. But they also ¬†pair them with 6 inch stilettos, designer bags, a Broadway-caliber display of makeup, and freshly blown-out hair standing tall and big above their makeshift head scarves.

The materialism is real. The fashion here is real. The abaya-swag is real.