New place, new studio!


The view of Gate Towers, looking up

Hey guys!

It’s been a lovely, but crazzzyyy busy week. We’re officially moving into our new place and I’m just so excited. It’s hard to believe we’ve officially spent a year in Abu Dhabi, and in a hotel apartment, at that! Our new place is Gate Towers, one of the newest properties completed in the capital. It’s pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.
Gate Towers


The views are outstanding. From our flat, we can see the Grand Mosque, Saadiyat Island, and lots of water and inland islands. Quite the change from our previous views of the buildings directly in front of us, and the screeching construction outside 6 days a week.


Getting my new studio together

I can’t believe it, but I’m actually a bit nervous. I’ve had such success in my old studio. It was a struggle at first, I’ll admit, but I was soon forced to make the most of it and man, did some beautiful paintings come out of there. Moving into a new place means I’ll have to find a new zone, new vibes. I’m worried that I won’t find my mojo in time, haha.

The best part about this place is the lovely light pouring in on all of these white walls. I get to hang my art everywhere! The colors just make me sing. I love it. It’s so vibrant, I had to take some preliminary iPhone shots and share it with you guys:


“Happy Not Hippy” and “Prayer Rug No.2”
My art, my walls! 🙂
“April Blooms” in my dining room

I’m happy we get to start our lives in such an amazing place. They say it takes about a year to get used to living abroad so I’d like to count this as our new start. Hoping for good things to come out of this place, and I can’t help but get excited every time I look down our corridor into my new studio.

Anyway, I better get back to unpacking here. More posts soon!

Stay cool folks,


Art Party with Amira Rahim: Pictures & Recap!

Hey guys, it’s been a crazy busy last few weeks. I spent the last half of April painting like it was going to go out of style and boy am I glad I did!

It’s certainly difficult to paint under pressure and under a narrow deadline, but I had a lot of inspiration building up over the last few months. I was able to paint traditional landscape scenes with an abstract twist, but I also got really inspired by cute camel faces.

Camels are kind of cute and goofy-looking at the same time. I knew I wanted to use an abstract color scheme, and once I got a few reference photos of camels smiling and winking, I couldn’t stop.

Along came “Dino” and “Humphrey” and I will be painting many more since they have been very popular amongst us expats.

"Dino" and "Humphrey" SOLD
“Dino” and “Humphrey”


In other news, we’re moving! I can’t believe a year has passed of me living in Abu Dhabi. I’ve shared the highs and lows on this blog. It wasn’t an easy adjustment, but I do believe the first year abroad is the hardest and looking forward to the year ahead. We’re moving to Gate Towers on Reem Island and the apartment and facilities are just amazing.

I have a separate room for my art studio, which I will be happily reporting to once we’re all moved in. I can’t wait to push some paint around again. One week break is kind of too much!

Thanks all who came out to the event last Wednesday, and stay tuned for more work.

Also, my shop is fully updated now with new works so have a look:

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