Poem & Latest Painting

Heavy pockets, empty hearts.
Next door neighbors, worlds apart.
Mixed races, closed minds.
One God, all mankind.

A crafted paradise, for this hell on earth.
A king of servants, with no worth.
Wanted gold, till they found oil.
Bought their diamonds, with discarded soil.

An empty nest, now a guarded cave.
Copy the leaders, carve the sand with slaves.
Stories untold, for people long ignored.
Ship off the truths, and keep the lies on board.
– Amira Rahim (c) 2013


8×10″ – oil on canvas panel

Almost ready…

Another late night. 2 AM and no sign of sleeping in sight. I want to blame insomnia but I swear I was sleepy a few hours ago.

Anxious to hit the canvas after a few weeks hiatus. It’s exciting. I’m excited!

Today I had the bed in our guest bedroom removed and it’s feeling more like a studio already. Just have to work around the dim lighting situation (thanks to the many tall buildings in AD).

Here’s what I’m workin’ with: