Now on Saatchi Art and Artfinder

Hello lovelies!

Interrupting my regular daily posts of the 30 in 30 challenge to announce that I am now live on Saatchi Art and Artfinder online galleries. I’ve been deliberating and marinating on the idea of putting my art on these websites. They have larger audiences and a great deal of traffic. For some reason, that made me excited and nervous at the same time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.26.18 AM
My Artfinder storefront. Love the personalized feel that they offer for their artists.


Well I’ve been approved and you can now purchase my art on their platforms. So far, the platforms are pretty straightforward with how to get started. Saatchi’s site is a lot easier in my opinion and I love the layout and clean design. Artfinder takes a little longer to get set up, but they have a totally different vibe than most of the online galleries I’ve seen. It is very personalized and seems to focus on highlighting the artists more than anything else. That’s always a good change, especially when sites like Etsy continue to grow and reimagine their business model.

My Saatchi gallery page
My Saatchi gallery page

It takes A LOT of time to photograph, edit, and list artwork online. And with things like SEO and Adwords to consider, it can get really exhausting. Especially when I’d rather be painting in my studio! But, I’m happy to get some work done on these storefronts since it is a great platform for artists serious about getting paid for their talents. My strategy is to try and do a little each day, while deciding which art I will share with the world each day.

I am still trying to make my official website the best that I can, and this is always a work in progress. My goal is for my art to be found in search engines for companies, businesses, and art collectors interested in purchasing my original art directly from the artist.

And why is it good to buy direct from the artist? Well, for one, we’re easy to work with. Flexible. Can offer discounts and payment plans. And, I for one, am pretty relentless about making sure my customers are 100% satisfied.

jumuah abstract painting by Amira Rahim

30 in 30: Day 9 Abstract Figurative Painting

jumuah abstract painting by Amira Rahim
“Jumuah (Friday Prayer)”
16×16″ acrylic on canvas, SOLD

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend. It’s Sunday, which means back to work here in the Gulf. Friday was so much fun for me. I really took a day off which I don’t usually do. I went to Jumuah prayer at a mosque in town, and then afterwards had lunch at Wafi Gourmet. The views of the Corniche and the weather was just magnificent. Afterward, I met with a good friend of mine who was hosting a friend of her own in town.

We did A LOT in a short amount of time, including visiting the Reflected Light exhibition on Manarat Al Saadiyat, drinking 24-karat gold cappuccinos at Emirates Palace, and a Moroccan bath! Have you guys ever tried this before? Anyway, it was a truly relaxing day with lots of firsts. I would love for all my future Fridays to be this breezy! Let’s see if I can keep this up.

About the painting: It is abstract in nature, but you can make out elements of architecture, mosques and city in the foreground. The veiled women in abaya are added as a compositional element and complete the story. Reminiscent of Abu Dhabi life. To purchase, visit here.

Thanks for viewing!

30 in 30: Day 4 & 5 Fauv Camel Mini Paintings


"Camel Mini #1" 12x10" Acrylic on canvas Available
“Camel Mini #1″ 12×10” Acrylic on canvas Available
camel fauv mini 2_amira rahim_lowres
“Camel Mini #2″ 12×10” Acrylic on canvas Available


I woke up today and just wanted to paint some camels. After finding a good photo I liked, I then explored possible color schemes. I knew I wanted it to be vibrant and lots of contrast.

For the first painting, I tried to stick with a specific color scheme. The painting is in high key and really saturated. For the second painting, I kind of free handed it and just experimented. It’s definitely more blended and feels cooler than the top. These will serve as studies for possible larger pieces.

Which one is your favorite?

30 in 30: Day 3


“Muçulmana” 12×16″ acrylic on canvas, Available

Day 3 entry. This was a pleasant surprise. I started the day early and confused about what direction to go in. I sketched a few animals, half painted an abstract scene of women, and then went out for some errands. I discovered my muse while out, and then rushed home to paint her, Habiba Da Silva that is. You can view her photos on Instagram at @lifelongpercussion

I love how saturated and colorful her face is, and how subdued the background played out. “Muçulmana” is the Portuguese word for Muslim woman. I thought it was fitting, since she is of Brazilian (and Lebanese heritage).

On another note, I’d like to just mention, that it’s important to embrace what makes us different. Curly hair. Brown skin. Whatever it is. It’s our differences that build strength and character in the end, as long as we learn to love it. Takes courage to be different though. Hats off to the confident women not afraid to stand out from the crowd.



30 in 30: Day 1 Abstract Portrait Painting



"Live- Portrait Study No. 1 " 12x12 acrylic on panel
“Live- Portrait Study No. 1 ” 12×12 acrylic on panel – Available

Hey guys! Happy New Years! 

The 30 in 30 challenge is onnnn and this is my first entry. I painted it last night and refined some bits this morning. I will admit, I felt completely out of my comfort zone painting this. I found that I don’t have much interest in rendering the facial features perfectly. I did use a few reference photos (my muse was Cara Delevingne), but I was more interested in jumping right into the colors and creating a vibrant portrayal of a woman’s face. Interestingly enough, this portrait is pretty androgynous. There were times when I saw a man’s face (someone on Instagram said Steve Tyler!), and sometimes a woman’s.

I decided to name it “Live” because it feels pretty disco to me. Have a good day everyone! Happy painting to my other artist friends in the challenge.

P.S. The 30 in 30 painting challenge is not a competition. It’s really about challenging ourselves as artists. Just in case the word “challenge” makes you think of a prize or something at the end. Hah.