30 in 30: Day 23 Abstract Portrait Painting


"Celeste" 16.5x23.7 acrylics on heavy paper, Available
“Celeste” 16.5×23.7 acrylics on heavy paper, Available

And here’s Celeste! She was fun to paint. I love these messy curly girls! I’m off to an art exhibition opening today at the N2N gallery. It is the opening of artist Igor Shipilin’s work and I will be taking his master class in a few day (inshallah). Can’t wait!

30 in 30: Day 12 Spunky Afro Painting

“Mimi” 16.5×23.7 Acrylics on paper, SOLD


Day 12 (and 13 here too).

“Mimi” is an original abstract portrait painting featuring a spunky curly girl with highlighted hair. It is completed using acrylic paints on heavy acrylic paper.

I painted this the other night and continued it yesterday in between my falcons. It was very fun and I want to do more. It’s a great way to loosen up. I mean, when did art get so serious anywayyyy?

16.5×23.7″ on paper

30 in 30: Day 3


“Muçulmana” 12×16″ acrylic on canvas, Available

Day 3 entry. This was a pleasant surprise. I started the day early and confused about what direction to go in. I sketched a few animals, half painted an abstract scene of women, and then went out for some errands. I discovered my muse while out, and then rushed home to paint her, Habiba Da Silva that is. You can view her photos on Instagram at @lifelongpercussion

I love how saturated and colorful her face is, and how subdued the background played out. “Muçulmana” is the Portuguese word for Muslim woman. I thought it was fitting, since she is of Brazilian (and Lebanese heritage).

On another note, I’d like to just mention, that it’s important to embrace what makes us different. Curly hair. Brown skin. Whatever it is. It’s our differences that build strength and character in the end, as long as we learn to love it. Takes courage to be different though. Hats off to the confident women not afraid to stand out from the crowd.