Abstract Art Workshop in Abu Dhabi

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with some eager art students and teach them a little about abstract art. Friday is the first day of the weekend here so for these kids to sign up to spend the day painting with me, already tells you it was going to be a great day.

I divided the 4 hour workshop into three main objectives that we would explore: 1) Color Harmony & Contrast, 2) Self Expression & Mark Making 3) Exploring the Unknown. These are all things that I look for in my own work and seek to achieve.

By the time we got through with the first hour, we could barely get them to put their brushes down and reconvene for the next session. Abstract art can be addictive!

Here’s some shots from the day:

I think they did pretty awesome, no? We had lots of fun. Thanks Brighton College Art Department and Director Kathryn Wilson.

Photos: Kathryn Wilson