30 in 30: Day 2 Abstract Portrait Painting



"Green Scarf" 12x12" acrylic on panel
“Green Veil” 12×12″ acrylic on panel – Available

Day 2. This was much easier. I forgave myself for not being a perfect painter, and instead embraced what makes me different. This piece felt very emotive as I painted it. I knew right away that I wanted to work with a green/blue/violet color scheme. And to my surprise, I actually stuck with it (I can be pretty spontaneous when I’m painting so this was new for me). I resisted my urge to use a lot of colors or make it more vibrant.

In the end, I really like the final piece. It’s kind of haunting, and the veil adds a mysterious touch. I think I could paint veiled women over and over again. This was very fun to create and I didn’t fuss to much about getting the facial features precise or that detailed. Everything was pretty intuitive and in the moment. Maybe I can find a happy medium in between my love for abstract art and realism.

Thanks for reading!

Poem & Latest Painting

Heavy pockets, empty hearts.
Next door neighbors, worlds apart.
Mixed races, closed minds.
One God, all mankind.

A crafted paradise, for this hell on earth.
A king of servants, with no worth.
Wanted gold, till they found oil.
Bought their diamonds, with discarded soil.

An empty nest, now a guarded cave.
Copy the leaders, carve the sand with slaves.
Stories untold, for people long ignored.
Ship off the truths, and keep the lies on board.
– Amira Rahim (c) 2013


8×10″ – oil on canvas panel