About Me


24-ish year old American gal. Documenting my experiences in art, love, and life in the United Arab Emirates.

A bit about me:

  1. I’m on a mission to make my lifelong dream of being an full-time, selling artist a reality. My work can be viewed at www.amirarahim.com
  2. I’ve been to 14 countries, spent a summer in Brazil, and a semester in London (loved it!)
  3. I speak Portuguese, and used it nearly everyday in my last job as a research associate in Manhattan.
  4. I’m a convert to Islam, and wrote extensively on my early experiences as a convert in London at www.missrahim.wordpress.com
  5. I’m a newlywed (when does one stop being new?) and married to a wonderful guy from Abu Dhabi, UAE. He’s obsessed with cars and animated movies. I think it’s wearing off on me too now.

My Interests:

  • Art. Art. Art. (mostly painting)
  • Fashion/Shopping
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Culture
  • Writing
  • And, recently, I’ve took up an interest in graphic design and illustration.

Contact: amira.rahim@gmail.com

Amira Rahim Art Newsletter

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