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I’ve been on this minimalist kick for the past 48 hours. Partly because my back has been unsettled since I’ve been visiting family and in unfamiliar mattress territory, and decided to sleep on the carpeted floor. And, partly because I love me some black and white, neutral spaces with lots of sunlight. These pictures just took me away.

How do these images make you feel? Would you ever sleep on the floor? Eat on the floor? Live this minimal?


[Source: Pinterest]

5 thoughts on “Current Mood

  1. Amira, I feel like our furniture is consuming us, and we become their maids. I like the idea that we sould stop filling our places with unneccesary details. Isn’t it what our faith actually recommends us to do anyways?
    I will take the first shiny bedroom you have posted in the article:)


  2. I once lived in a 400 square foot apartment in a very glamorous old building, in an absolutely gorgeous part of town. I used and loved every single thing I owned, & immediately gave away anything I didn’t. If it ever felt claustrophobic in my space, I went out, walked, dined, and enjoyed my city and my friends. I felt freer and happier than at any other time in my life. I miss those minimalist days…


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