“Orange Attack” New Original Abstract Painting

"30x40" acrylic on canvas, Available
“30×40” acrylics and gold paint on canvas, Available

Heyyyy, feeling orange? I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with orange! I think it’s my aura color. I remember one time in 8th grade I planned for weeks one outfit. I had orange nail polish. Orange shoes. Orange shirt and pants. Basically if it came in orange and could be put on my body, I collected it. I wore it all on one day, and I’ll never forget walking onto the block of my middle school only to see a group of men in orange prison jump suits dutifully collecting the trash (tells you something about my school’s neighborhood right?). Aren’t you glad that whole matchy-matchy trend back from grade school is over?

"Orange Attack" 30x40" acrylic and gold paint on canvas, Available
“Orange Attack” 30×40″ acrylic and gold paint on canvas, Available

I started this painting in August last year, right before my 26th birthday. It has oozes of pinks and purples but from the beginning, it was clear that orange was going to be the winner here. I justttt finished it up today during my open studio session (thanks guys for painting with me). I love it for what it is, and what it’s not. It’s not serious or overly worked. It’s fun, upbeat, and makes me smile.

Side note: I had an amazing consultation with an award winning artist early this morning. I was so excited to get her expert advice, and boy was this consult needed! We talked for almost 2 hours on the next steps to take in getting my art out there and into the world (yes!). I can’t wait to start implementing all of her great tips and suggestions to connect with more fans. And, in the short term, my website is about to get a ma-jor facelift! Ahh, whoever said artists just sit in the studio all day smoking cigarettes and waiting for inspiration is sadly mistaken! So fortunate though for all of the clarity 2015 has brought to me thus far.

I am eagerly waiting for the chance to work on my next batch of camels and veiled women. In addition to my abstracts. In addition to living. In addition to life. Yea.



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