Follow your bliss, be a rebel


"Rebel" 28x30" acrylic on canvas, Available
“Rebel” 28×40″ acrylic on canvas, Available

So the 30 in 30 challenge is officially over! I managed to complete 28 paintings in the month of January, more than I probably ever did before. Each week was a new experience, a new interpretation of my initial motivation to paint faces. Many of you purchased these paintings, commented and liked along the way. So, thank you so much for your patronage and support!

Today, on the first day of February, I wanted to share with you the latest painting off of the easel. It was actually painted over an older painting that I did a few months back. I didn’t mind at all. Sometimes, you have to destroy a perfectly decent painting to get to a better one, right?

This piece was created with hope and perseverance. I returned home from a rough day of trying something completely out of my creative interests. I learned that you have to stay true to yourself, even if it makes you the odd ball out.

Sometimes, it’s okay to get it wrong. To freely go after what moves you. I think it’s the rebels in this world that make the change. And so, I named this painting “Rebel” after my own heart this weekend, for surprising me with how fearlessly it dared to be itself.

Thanks for reading xx

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