30 in 30: Day 24 Abstract Expressive Painting

"Episodic" acrylics and oil pastel on 16.5x23" paper
“Episodic” acrylics and oil pastel on 16.5×23″ paper, Available

I decided to submit this as my Day 24. “Episodic” was started in December and I finished it up yesterday. Mainly adding the expressive squiggly lines in oil pastel, and adjusting the colors a bit more. I have to say, I love this color scheme and the feel of this painting in general.

The name came a bit by accident but seems fitting. I’ve been thinking about a young one in my family who started having mild seizures. She would be the second¬†person in our family with epileptic seizures and it’s all a bit scary. It’s a hard thing to watch your loved ones suffer through, especially because you feel so helpless. My prayers are with the little one, she’s not even 5 years old yet.

I know I endeavored to paint just faces for this challenge, but abstract art is like my second hand. It just flows sometimes and I hate to block that part of my creative process because it feeds so much into my life and healing. I also recently sold a set of 4 abstract pieces that I completed in my morning studio session a few days ago. Will be posting those soon to catch up as well hopefully. It was the buyers first art purchase and a gift to herself for turning 40! I love it when that happens.

Thanks for viewing.

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