Featured Artist Amira Rahim

Thanks Cindy for sharing my art on your cool blog. Artists helping artists. The best combo.

Cindy's Art Blog

Hi Everyone!
Today’s Featured Artist is Amira Rahim:
I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and painting shortly after that. I didn’t go to art school, so I guess you could say I am self taught. I really decided to become a professional artist about 2 years ago when I relocated to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Finding myself in a new country completely out of my comfort zone forced me to reconnect with the truest parts of myself. Art has been an awakening and a therapy for me.

Deep Blue ©Amira Rahim “Deep Blue”
16×20″ on canvas
©Amira Rahim

I like to paint in acrylics now but I used to use oil paints for years. When I started experimenting with abstract art, I found that acrylic mediums allowed me to work with the immediacy that I needed to loosen up.

Brave Heart ©Amira Rahim “Brave Heart”
20×40″ deep edge canvas
©Amira Rahim

How long have…

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