30 in 30: Day 15 Abstract Figurative Painting

"Tahajjud" 12x24" acrylic on canvas, Available
“Tahajjud (Night Prayer)” 12×24″ acrylic on canvas, SOLD

This is the companion piece to my previous painting. This was also painted intuitively, no sketching, no references, just imagination. I really struggled to find the faces and people in this one, but slowly it came together. I wanted this one to be a little lighter in the background, and the white motif in the upper right corner gives an illusion of light and space. As the figures began to emerge in the piece, it formed somewhat of a crowd. There appears to be smaller figures on the floor, possibly children, or women resting. And then the three standing figures in the center are facing away.

As I finished this piece, I landed on the perfect title. It reminded me of a scene in a mosque because they appear to be in prayer. “Tahajjud” is the night prayer that is prayed by devout muslims, especially during the month of Ramadan. The ghost like quality of the women is offset by burst of colors to lift the energy.

Here are the pair. I think they really complement each other and could be hung side by side.

"Sisters" and "Tahajjud" 24x24" acrylics on canvas
“Sisters” and “Tahajjud” 24×24″ acrylics on canvas

What do you see?

5 thoughts on “30 in 30: Day 15 Abstract Figurative Painting

  1. This is a gorgeous haunting work. Thank you for your creation of it.
    I have a plaster sculpture of Native American Women called the Waterbearers, that is very similar to your work here. It is not of great monetary value but I have treasured it for many years. My sculpture has been broken three times. The last in many pieces. I have refused to throw it away, in the process painstaking piecing it back together, learning how to blend paints etc, and smooth cracks out, all about adhesives, and this last time I learn about mixing plaster and adhesives to form a workable textured substance I could work with.
    So many people have admired it over the years.
    No one noticing the breakage. I realize that the women have changed over the years, and only I really see their fault lines.
    Thought I would share this story with you.


  2. i think that i enjoy your multi-figure paintings the most. the white at the top does create the illusion of light and space. something about the figures appeals to me. they all appear like they are lost in their own world yet they are gathered together as though some common force or purpose has them together. the abstracted way in which you paint them, the different directions they face, their varying sizes, all really give a strong feeling of a ‘ghostly’ people, as you put it. the title certainly helps to give it context. with the title, the figures appear more meditative than wandering; their solemness appears more as focused quietness, something more peaceful than forlorn. i think it’s a really beautiful image. glad it was sold! keep working and all the best!!


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