30 in 30: Day 13 Abstract Curly Girl

"Ray Bans" 16.5x23.7" acrylic on paper, Available
“Ray Bans” 16.5×23.7″ mixed media on paper, Available

Hey you. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not the 13th day of January. I’m so behind. But I promise you I’ve been painting. I just haven’t photographed and uploaded them in time. “Ray Bans” is finished with some gold ink that is hard to capture on camera. But it’s reflective and cool. She’s cool.  I painted this spunky girl on Wednesday of last week in my first open studio session.

I held it at my house and got to paint with some lovely ladies also enthusiastic about art. We took risks and tried some abstract face painting. I’m happy they trusted me enough to assist them in their art making, and they did beautifully. Here’s some shots of the fun.


Open studio 1 open studio 2 open studio 5 open studo 6

What have you all been up to?