30 in 30: Day 4 & 5 Fauv Camel Mini Paintings


"Camel Mini #1" 12x10" Acrylic on canvas Available
“Camel Mini #1″ 12×10” Acrylic on canvas Available
camel fauv mini 2_amira rahim_lowres
“Camel Mini #2″ 12×10” Acrylic on canvas Available


I woke up today and just wanted to paint some camels. After finding a good photo I liked, I then explored possible color schemes. I knew I wanted it to be vibrant and lots of contrast.

For the first painting, I tried to stick with a specific color scheme. The painting is in high key and really saturated. For the second painting, I kind of free handed it and just experimented. It’s definitely more blended and feels cooler than the top. These will serve as studies for possible larger pieces.

Which one is your favorite?