30 in 30: Day 24 Abstract Expressive Painting

"Episodic" acrylics and oil pastel on 16.5x23" paper
“Episodic” acrylics and oil pastel on 16.5×23″ paper, Available

I decided to submit this as my Day 24. “Episodic” was started in December and I finished it up yesterday. Mainly adding the expressive squiggly lines in oil pastel, and adjusting the colors a bit more. I have to say, I love this color scheme and the feel of this painting in general.

The name came a bit by accident but seems fitting. I’ve been thinking about a young one in my family who started having mild seizures. She would be the second person in our family with epileptic seizures and it’s all a bit scary. It’s a hard thing to watch your loved ones suffer through, especially because you feel so helpless. My prayers are with the little one, she’s not even 5 years old yet.

I know I endeavored to paint just faces for this challenge, but abstract art is like my second hand. It just flows sometimes and I hate to block that part of my creative process because it feeds so much into my life and healing. I also recently sold a set of 4 abstract pieces that I completed in my morning studio session a few days ago. Will be posting those soon to catch up as well hopefully. It was the buyers first art purchase and a gift to herself for turning 40! I love it when that happens.

Thanks for viewing.

30 in 30: Day 23 Abstract Portrait Painting


"Celeste" 16.5x23.7 acrylics on heavy paper, Available
“Celeste” 16.5×23.7 acrylics on heavy paper, Available

And here’s Celeste! She was fun to paint. I love these messy curly girls! I’m off to an art exhibition opening today at the N2N gallery. It is the opening of artist Igor Shipilin’s work and I will be taking his master class in a few day (inshallah). Can’t wait!

30 in 30: Day 22 Original Portrait Painting

"Tracee" acrylics on 16.5x23.7 heavy paper, Available
“Tracee” acrylics on 16.5×23.7 heavy paper, Available

Oh, don’t you love when inspiration just bite you in the bum and next thing you know you’re off! That was me today. I’m pacing (racing, rather) trying to catch up in the 30 in 30 challenge. I refuse to drop out and being the overachiever, I actually want to do 30 paintings before this weekend ends.

This painting was inspired by today’s muse, the gorgeous Tracee Ellis Ross. Some of you may remember her from “Girlfriends”? Her character Joan was my icon. I would watch that show and get an idea of what a “real” lawyer’s life looked like (back when I was hell-bent on being an attorney). Friends, relationships, aging, all of it. I miss that show.

She has such a great energy about her and I snapped several of photos from her Instagram gallery for inspiration. Thanks for viewing!

30 in 30: Day 21 Hand-painted iPad Cover

Hand painted iPad Cover, not for sale
Hand painted iPad Cover, not for sale

Hey hey! Back. It’s January 21st right? haha, I’m so behind. I’ve been painting around the clock, but I’m learning that with the Daily Painting series, more jobs come up. You get commissions. You get busy. And so, I am just going to pretend it’s the 21st because I am trying really hard to keep up!

This weekend, I got to visit some of my first sold paintings here at a collector’s home in Abu Dhabi. She was kind enough to invite me over and see all of the art in her home. I’m pleased to say, she has well over 10 pieces of my work, ranging from watercolors, camels, and landscapes. One of the perks of selling/buying local is that you can keep in touch!

Well, in between my other work, I decided to just paint my iPad cover. I use it so much in the studio and I hate to admit, it was getting pretty “artsy” with paint accidentally being placed on the cover. The cover itself was on a nice, textured material and was teal colored. I applied my acrylics directly over it and just had fun with it. I inadvertently painted something very similar to my original “Dancing in the Rain” painting, which coincidentally sold the same day!

After I painted it, I signed it and sealed it with a sprayed varnish to keep it protected from the elements. Now I can take a piece of my art with me wherever I go!

Fun and functional. 🙂

P.S. My initial photo is blurry, so here’s a little more from my iPhone.

The cover, with its matching painting :)
The cover, with its matching painting 🙂

amira rahim_ipad cover painting

30 in 30: Day 19 & 20 Abstract Figurative Painting

"The Wedding" 36x24" (twin canvases 18" width each) acrylic on canvas, Available
“The Wedding” 36×24″ (twin canvases 18″ width each) acrylic on canvas, Available

Hey! Back with my two days of painting. I started this set earlier this week and finished it today. In continuing with my veiled figures series, I wanted to explore a more colorful, warm color palette this time. I painted the faces in burnt sienna instead of white, and played around with their veils to end up with a colorful array of garments that remind me of the traditional Sudanese tawb. As such, I decided to call it “The Wedding” or as they say in Sudan “Al ‘Agd”. The bride as it so happens is facing away. I like the mystery of some figures facing toward the viewer and others facing away. It also makes for a more interesting composition.

Once the basic shapes were in place, I played around with translucent colors overlapping the layers and playing around with the different tones I could get. The underpainting is quite textured thanks to a relief substance I applied in the initial stages of the painting. I’m really enjoying painting on this surface and find that the paints just glide on it, much smoother than the basic canvas.

Thanks for viewing!