Have You Ever Commissioned An Artist To Do Work? Here Is How It Works!

Very good read. I do commissions, and accept them kindly. I explain my process here: http://www.amirarahim.com/commissions

Stafford Art Glass

Commissioned artwork.  It sounds so…..serious.  But in truth, commissioning is a means for people to get exactly what they want from an artist, designer, or artisan.  In the case of fine art, a person may have always wanted to have a landscape of a field behind their house painted and they really like the technique of a given artist. They feel certain the artist would NEVER consider such a thing…..but they screw up their courage and send a late-night request….and bingo!  The artist replies the next day and asks what they had in mind!  Or a potter is seen at a craft fair and someone really likes their work but were wondering if instead of vases, could they do the same designs in platters that they could have as wedding gifts?  “Well certainly” comes the reply from the artisan sitting behind his glasses reading the paper.  You should never be…

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