Official Website Launch! + Small Reflections (I get a little mushy in this one)





The time has come, and I am so thrilled. It’s been many long weeks of preparing, discovering, and a little designing to bring you my official website. I’m pleased to announce it will feature my art blog, a live shop, and newsletter subscription to ensure collectors and fans will have first-class access to my journey.

A few days ago, I decided to take a chance: I shared my art in local groups and communities and the response was overwhelming. 

I sold a few paintings. I made new friends. And I learned a very important lesson, perhaps the greatest one an artist should learn in this age:

Never underestimate the people around you. Believe in them. And they just may turn around and believe in you.

I never thought people here in Abu Dhabi would be interested in my bright, colorful abstract paintings, or my hijab figures, and funky palm trees. But it turns out, they are!

And as if all of you’re support and encouragement wasn’t enough, I am honored to announce, I will be having my very first solo art show in the charming home of an expat here in Abu Dhabi. A show that was not my idea, but the idea of a new friend who believes in the magic of art.


I’m off to go giveaway some of all this positive energy I’ve been receiving, and it will start by me first giving away some of my art! Posting contests on my Facebook page.

With joy,
Amira Rahim


New Art: “Happy Sunny Palms” Palm Tree Painting

"Happy Sunny Palms" 20x20- acrylic on panel SOLD
“Happy Sunny Palms”
20×20- acrylic on panel


I’ve been eyeing palm trees for months now. Maybe because I grew up in New Jersey and used to deciduous trees, or maybe because they remind me of sun and vacation. The intricacies in each tree makes me stare at them forever. I always try to take snaps on my iPhone for inspiration. But this painting was designed purely on my own imagination.

I sketched it out yesterday in my sketchbook…



I then toyed around with a few color options and then faced my canvas to make this a reality. I’ll admit, painting palm trees intimidate me. Not even a little bit, a lot. It seems like a simple easy thing to paint, right? But after observing them for so long, I know they’re anything but simple.

The finished result was beautiful, if I do say so myself. I added a Dubai skyline in the foregrounds, and I just love the subtle tonal variations at the bottom of the painting. The palm trees in the focal point appear to be dancing. And I love the jewel-like trunks that hold them up.

Watch the video here.

Fortunately, this painting sold the same day I posted it. The new owner will be a teacher from the US here in Al Ain, UAE. I’m so glad she loved this one as much as I do!


New Art: Heat Wave II – Abu Dhabi Landscape Painting


“Heat Wave II” 24×24 acrylic on canvas SOLD


Hi guys! Just wanted to share my new painting. Funny, this is actually my second time painting this one due to the popular demand here in Abu Dhabi. I had no idea there would be so many inquiries on the last one. This one is bigger and equally vibrant. I love painting this series. And just in time for the hot weather because yesterday was 100-degrees!

Curious to see where my brush will take me next. Happy painting!