Guys, I’ve been painting!

Like a lot. I have proof.

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It’s been a great thing to focus on and these paintings are really helping me stay grounded. Each one is a bit of therapy and sometimes experimental.

Here’s some sneak peeks of what to find. Feedback welcome!





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My Intuitive Painting Adventure – Abstracts

This blog post speaks to my experience right now and wanted to share it. Abstract painting is so therapeutic and a nice change from my usual art rhythm!


In the process of doing my intuitive painting course, I encountered and had to work through some things in myself. The most significant of these was the all- too-familiar “not good enough” voice, and the occasional perfectionism engendered by it. I had to learn that it was really about the process and having fun, learning to approach painting with the openness and wonder of a child. If I happened to like the results, that’s great. I can hang it up and enjoy it. If not, that’s ok, because the benefits were in the act of creating.

All of that said, it has taken me some months to be ready to put some of it out here for others to see.

Although, as a viewer of art I have tended to prefer representational or impressionistic styles, I found that I actually enjoy painting abstracts more. I love the freedom to play…

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Art: “Yes Girl”


“Yes Girl”
Acrylic, love on paper.

Painted this morning in my flat. I felt so happy doing this. I think the colors just make you want to jump. I’m doing some art therapy on myself inadvertently.

Doing these abstract paintings has opened up a vessel inside of me. Always I thought art had to be technical and precise. Now, I am growing as a person and I hopefully as an artist.