Random Musings Post-Four Months in Abu Dhabi

1. I do get homesick. Often. I’m particularly missing a proper Jersey slice of pizza, orange leaves, and rain.

2. I’m living in a sandbox and yet I am not getting nearly as much sunshine as I would like. Hopefully that will change in a few more weeks.

3. It actually does get cooler here and 100+ degree weather is not a permanent form of torture. Amazing, how your body adjusts and suddenly low 90s is quite agreeable provided the humidity is in check.

4. Camel milk is actually not that bad. In fact, I think today I realized I like it better than cows milk, which never liked me anyway. Camel milk is also more nutritious.

5. My painting is going well. My sanity on the other hand, questionable. My emotions are getting the best of me lately, and being a perfectionist and self-critic doesn’t help the case.

Oh and check out my latest painting at http://www.facebook.com/amirarahimart :))

Poem & Latest Painting

Heavy pockets, empty hearts.
Next door neighbors, worlds apart.
Mixed races, closed minds.
One God, all mankind.

A crafted paradise, for this hell on earth.
A king of servants, with no worth.
Wanted gold, till they found oil.
Bought their diamonds, with discarded soil.

An empty nest, now a guarded cave.
Copy the leaders, carve the sand with slaves.
Stories untold, for people long ignored.
Ship off the truths, and keep the lies on board.
– Amira Rahim (c) 2013


8×10″ – oil on canvas panel